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We made our tools to keep our friends safe

Born in the Field

Two oilfield veterans, were tired of seeing coworkers they cared about endure disabling hand injuries. They created a set of tools that dramatically reduce these costly accidents.

Brother’s Keeper Tools have already prevented countless injuries since they were designed, built and introduced to hardworking crews.

Brother's Keeper Tools

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Savings At the Wellsite Add Up

faster teardowns

Our tools significantly reduce time for teardowns and standard maintenance for triplex and quintuplex pumps.

$175k cost
to replace a pump

Improperly installed plungers, packing and pump components damage equipment. Our tools do it right.

Crews Don’t Want to
Work Without Them

As our founders trained men joining their crews in North Dakota, they were amazed by the newcomers’ reactions to the tools they made.

Experienced hands who had worked for some of the largest frac companies in the world were amazed by how safe and efficient our tools are.

They save fingers. They save time. Crews don’t want to work without them.

Huge Drop in Injuries

We used to see serious injuries every month. After our tools were introduced to our crews, we saw a significant drop in hand injuries.

Accidents Drive Costs

Safety and HR experts say medical costs, insurance settlements and downtime after injuries reach staggering totals.

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We Crafted Our Tools Out of Concern for Others

Our founders grew up in rural America, learned to weld at a young age and developed an understanding of all things mechanical. After meeting in the Bakken oilfield, they were stunned by all the injuries and were determined to do something about it.

Brother’s Keeper Tools was born.

They made their first tools in their shops at home. Continually refining their designs, their pump-service tools began performing even better.

They now focus all their energy to supply their seven USA-made tools to oilfields across the U.S., preventing costly injuries and dramatically increasing efficiency in servicing pumps.